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The Home Energy Saving (HES) scheme provides grants to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme is open to all owners of existing houses built before 2006. Sustainable Energy Ireland administers the scheme.


Attic conversions      






Attic conversions are a huge decision to make in terms of the future of your home and what direction you plan on taking it in. There are many advantages when it comes to planning an attic conversion that can drastically benefit you and your property in the long run. Before beginning any major steps towards your attic, it’s important to take a moment and consider all of the points, both good and bad, as far as making a decision of this magnitude is concerned.






The first thing to remember about attic conversions is that can can greatly increase the value of your home, however, you need to weigh this against things like the overall amount of money you estimate it will cost to complete the project itself. In many cases, if you are not comfortable with doing your own estimate, you can easily get one professionally done. Finding out your specific attic conversion cost will help you to plan ahead for the future of not only your home, but your finances as well.


A small attic conversion shouldn’t cost very much in its own right but you can run into major expensive problems when it comes time to do the plumbing and insulating work. Depending upon your house, this can either be relatively cheap or expensive, therefore, it is vitally important that you seek out people who are qualified to make an accurate estimate for you. The last thing anybody wants to deal with is attic conversions that draw out longer then expected because they just become massive wastes of time, energy and money.


Looking around for some attic conversion ideas before you try to calculate the cost is a fantastic way of planning in advance for what you want. The easiest part of the entire project is calculating the cost of things such as windows, fixtures and other types of furniture that will be going into this new space. A small attic conversion is obviously going to require less materials and less of a need for items then a larger space would; it’s always a great idea to plan in advance so you can constantly tweak your budget to stay on track of where you want to go financially.


The entire goal of attic room conversions should be to add more living space and value to your home. Even if your demand for additional space is great, you should never lose track of how much you have to spend in order to make this dream a reality. Concise and precise planning will take you a long way and help you to get the most out of any attic conversions that you might find yourself involved with.