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The Home Energy Saving (HES) scheme provides grants to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme is open to all owners of existing houses built before 2006. Sustainable Energy Ireland administers the scheme.


External wall insulation      

This type of insulation is not cheap but is far the best way to insulate and protect your home.





External wall insulation can prevent up to 35% heat loos through the walls. Considering €4000 grant for external wall insulation available from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland it is currently the most cost effective house improvement.






Exterior wall insulation is the process of installing an insulation membrane to the exterior walls of a building. A decorative finish is then applied such as a coloured polymer render, acrylic render, pebbledash, brick, stone or timber cladding systems.


Exterior Wall Insulation will help you save on heating costs, bringing older properties up to the same insulation standard as modern day homes. Not only does exterior wall insulation benefit the building thermally and aesthetically, it will eliminate existing problems such as penetrating damp and internal condensation. This makes exterior wall insulation an ideal renovation system, especially when a building is in need of some repair work.


Exterior wall insulation is the ideal renovation system for single skin walls, prefabricated concrete panels, solid wall construction and steel or timber framed buildings. These types of structures can not be insulated with cavity wall insulation. It is ideal for barn conversions and garage conversions as the insulation is installed to the exterior of the building so it is not taking up valuable space inside the building. There are several types of insulation material available such as phonelic board, polystyrene sheets and eco-friendly options such as compacted mineral wool, and wood fibreboards.


The insulation slabs varies in thickness from 20mm to 120mm, each have different U values (unit of insulation). Each insulation slab has to be fixed and bonded with careful consideration and skill, to ensure they are strong enough to withstand the elements. Installing exterior wall insulation needs careful planning and preparation, making sure all roof / eve over hangs are adequate, pipes, vents, extractors, window sills can be extended, as well as wires and services can be accommodated.


Green Home Technoenergy have the experience, knowledge and expertise to survey, specify and install all exterior wall insulation. With our experienced work force, in depth knowledge of products and close relationships with our suppliers, we have become well recognised as knowledge holders within the industry and trusted by the public to advise and install exterior wall insulation throughout Ireland.