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The Home Energy Saving (HES) scheme provides grants to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme is open to all owners of existing houses built before 2006. Sustainable Energy Ireland administers the scheme.


Underfloor Heating      






With an underfloor heating system your floor is like a giant radiator that warms up the rooms in your home or building. Underfloor heating pipes (containing water) are powered by oil or gas boilers transferring warmth directly to your flooring. The radiant heat reduces less heat loss making underfloor heating more cost-effective and efficient.







The even feeling of comfort from radiant floor heating is the most common reason why people choose this form of heating over others. It just makes sense to have the heat coming from the floor, where it is most needed, giving you a warm body and cool head rather than the stuffy heat provided by radiators or other forms of convected or warm air heating. Warmth from the floor radiates evenly and gently upwards for ideal comfort, even in rooms with high ceilings. Compare this with radiators, which create convection currents drawing cold air across your feet and sending warm air up to the ceiling..


What are the benefits?


  • Cosy and comfortable no matter what type of flooring you have
  • Provide even heat because your floor becomes the heater effectively warming up your space from the ground up
  • Consume less energy and lower your heating expenses – In some cases, underfloor heating can result in a 15-40% energy saving over traditional heating methods.
  • Use water heated to a lower temperature than conventional water central heating which makes them ideal for high efficiency condensing boilers , heat pumps and solar water heaters
  • Provide zoned heating allowing for independent zone controls and more energy savings
  • Have less dust traps encouraging a cleaner and healthier indoor environment
  • Allow flexibility in interior design because you don’t have to deal with unsightly vents or restrictions on placing furniture and decorative floor pieces


A warm home is a happy home! Underfloor heating installed by Green Home Technoenergy will keep your home cosy and your energy bills low. Plus our comprehensive 5-year warranty ensures uninterrupted service and your peace of mind.


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